Urban Impact - Recycling Education School Tours

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What Students Learn and How They Can Participate

During the school tours, students learn all about the role of a recycling business in the marketplace, about how a recycling plant works, and why we need to improve our waste reduction practices in our businesses, communities, schools and homes. Our guided tour includes a walk through our Richmond Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) and some hands-on activities such as trying to move a huge bale of paper.  The tours include a Q&A session throughout the five stage recycling process. The students also see really big bales of paper and large machinery!

We are Committed to Safety

Urban Impact is committed to the safety of all visitors to our site.  Group sizes for site tours are restricted to 30 (including teachers and parents) to ensure maximum participation by students and to comply with our Health and Safety Policies.

How Your Grade 4/5 Class Can Participate

Urban Impact has been sponsoring these tours for nearly four years, and sends school buses to pick up the students and teachers. We have toured  over one hundred Lower Mainland classes- the feedback that we have received from the students has been excellent!

If you know of a teach of a grade 4 or 5 class in the Lower Mainland that you think would be interested in having a tour, contact us at 604.273.0089 or schooltours@urbanimpact.com.