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What Makes School Tours Successful

Showing kids the behind the scenes action of our recycling plant during our school tours reinforces that their efforts in diverting waste matters and can make a difference. Join us on a Journey of Discovery Join us on a journey of discovery as we take Grade 4/5 students on a tour of our facility to investigate the what, where, how and why of recycling. The students discover what happens after collection and where paper and cardboard end up after they see our five core processes for recycling paper and cardboard in action.

Showcasing the processing of recyclable materials, understanding the process and learning about the compelling benefits of recycling helps kids make sound and thoughtful choices that will positively influence our local and global environment. Students will find out that each and every one of us can play a role in making our planet more sustainable by taking simple steps at home, work and school to recover resources and dispose of recyclables in the most responsible way. When Nicole leads the school tours she ties in her passion and reason for starting Urban Impact! She gears the tour to the level and recycling interest of the kids, reinforcing that recycling works.

During our School Tours, Nicole provides the tools to help the students start thinking about how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our School Tours:

  • Are FREE to eligible schools.
  • Take place in September and April each year if eligible.
  • Are delivered by Urban Impact President Nicole Stefenelli.
  • Are designed to improve the students’ awareness and understanding of the impact of waste and their role in recycling.
  • Provide fun and engaging hands-on activities.
  • Are targeted specifically for Grade 4/5 students.